March 5, 2020

French and Horse-riding – Dressage or jumping

The best way to master a foreign language like French is to take intensive and focused lessons to get familiar with its fundamentals and to re-use skills as often as possible in a motivating context. QilinEduc and its partner the Cercle Hippique du Pin have designed this course which includes one and a half hours per day of French studies in the morning with experienced teachers and 2 hours of horseback riding in the afternoon.

In addition to the classes themselves, you are taking part in the horse-riding centre routine to boost your fluency in French. You take your lunches on site with teachers and the care team to discuss about horse history, equestrian news at large and other topics as well.

The horse-riding centre

The Cercle Hippique du Pin is located in a village of 3 000 inhabitants, 25 kms from Paris, called Le Pin. It is distinguished by its high teaching standards and the way students are welcomed, it is small and its atmosphere is warm.

French teaching

It is delivered by experienced teachers, focused on the student’s needs and profile. The student is definitely put at the center of this pedagogy. An oral test is arranged by Skype prior to the beginning of the course. A written test is also done before the beginning of the course. The group size is maximum 3 people, equivalent levels.


We arrange homestay or short term rented studios like Airb&b a maximum of 15 kilometers from the riding centre. If homestay is chosen, an individual room is guaranteed and the bathroom is shared most of the time. Breakfast and dinner are eaten with hostesses, which is a good opportunity to keep on speaking French in a different context. Qilin has negotiated special rates and close relationships with local Airb&b and families.

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