November 20, 2023

About us



QilinEduc was born in the form of an association in February 2016 and has since evolved. Its concept has refined over time and now applies to anyone who wants to learn and progress, not only in horse riding by any means. The horse serves as a revealer of humanity to itself. It shows, in the present moment, one’s abilities and strengths, encouraging them to go further. Our teams transpose and leverage what the horse highlights to teach well beyond horse riding.

  • IN ADAPTED RIDING, our instructors take care of riders who may be facing temporary or lasting difficulties, with physical, mental, or social disabilities, or in post-traumatic periods. They systematically broaden the learning experience by integrating language concepts and human values such as respect, mutual aid, and diversity… 
  • IN BODY AWARENESS, our nurse riders engage children from the age of 2 to promote their psycho-sensory and psycho-motor development. The pony becomes an exceptional mediator. Through it, children learn about body parts, colors, letters of the alphabet, but also about sharing and self-projection… 
  • IN HORSE RIDING AND HOMEWORK HELP. It is with this program that horses step out of their usual sphere. They help our youth to desire to learn, understand, and go further. They soothe them and instill confidence in them. 


  • HORSE RIDING AND FLE (FRENCH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE). French traditional riding is inscribed in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. This is the type practiced and defended by the equestrian center that hosts QilinEduc year-round. This aligns perfectly because we have, in the same vein, a clear path towards the defense of the French language, taught at QilinEduc parallel to horse riding. 

At QilinEduc, communication and exchange are the key principles. Work is carried out as a team to ensure the richness and accuracy of the approach. TO EMPHASIZE: QilinEduc’s specificity lies in breaking down borders. Whenever possible or necessary, we bring together the world of disability and the so-called valid world. We are fortunate to work on a site where the association Révérence is active in equitherapy and equiculture. Again, when a transition can be made between care and education, or vice versa, our teams do it. The integration of populations is one of our goals. It is our wealth and strength.